Dr. Randy Aronson graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine in 1980 after being awarded the top honor of his class, the Leonard Pearson Prize. He completed a rotating internship at the small animal hospital in medicine and surgery 1981.

Dr. Aronson started the Animal Care Center of Green Valley in 1984 and sold it to his partner in 2005. P.A.W.S. Veterinary Center, his current practice was started with his wife, Dr. Geren Thurston, in 2008 and employs thirty-two in staff and five veterinarians. In 2011 they won the American Animal Hospital Practice of the Year award and the Veterinary Economics Merit Hospital winner.

Dr. Aronson utilizes an integrative approach to diagnostics and therapies, combining Western or allopathic medicine with holistic modalities. He completed the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society’s acupuncture course, numerous Chinese herbal courses, and many traditional Chinese medicine and nutrition programs. He is certified by the Canine Rehabilitation Institute to perform physical therapy on cats and dogs. He utilizes food therapy, ozone, pulsed electromagnetic therapy, shock wave, therapeutic laser, and underwater treadmill to help attain health and wellness for his patients.

Dr. Aronson is a keynote speaker and lecturer. Recently he has been speaking to the students of veterinary schools about utilizing integrative approaches in everyday veterinary medicine. He also enjoys educating pet parents on wellness and longevity.

Dr. Randy Aronson


Outside of the Office

When Dr. Aronson is not caring for animals and educating clients at PAWS, he is busy providing seminars, Skype conferences, Key note speaking, consulting for pet health product companies, providing consultations with pet owners through Google hangouts, and hosted a call-in talk radio show, Radio Pet Vet with Dr. Randy for over 10 years. He enjoys educating pet owners through both public speaking and column writing. He is a member of the National Speakers’ Association; he has published numerous articles in both national and local periodicals. To ensure quality and accountability for the safety and benefit of his patients, he directed and co-formulated 2Docs, a comprehensive line of vitamins and dietary supplements.

Although he loves biking, hiking, fishing, gardening, and reading, most of his free-time is spent goofing around with his son, Benjamin and daughter Livia.

Dr. Randy Aronson has taken good care of several generations of my dog companions. Because I value his expertise I have invited him to teach in the Andrew Weil University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, and I believe he will help pioneer the development of the field of Integrative Veterinary Medicine.

Dr. Andrew Weil, MD, Leading expert and NY Times best-seller author
I can’t say enough good about Dr Aronson and his approach to veterinary care. As an animal lover and a believer of health promotion instead of disease management I was excited to hear about all the additional options available for my furry friends. As a healthcare provider who understands the benefits of western and alternative medical theories I see the field of integrative veterinary medicine as the natural evolution of best practice for animals. Dr Aronson is a charismatic and engaging presenter. His wealth of knowledge was clearly apparent and his delivery of the information was easy to comprehend. Dr Aronson fills a much needed and underrepresented niche in animal healthcare and his passion for the field is palpable.  
Dr. Jared A Johnstun, MD, Board certified in internal medicine, critical care medicine and pulmonary medicine